I'm writing some articles and had to create a bio, so I put one together this morning:

Brad Neuberg has been creating advanced collaborative systems since 1998, including the OpenPortal WikiWiki, the BaseSystem content management system, the Fusion prototype, and most recently Paper Airplane, a research project exploring the possibilities of a two way web.

Brad has done extensive work in the open source community, contributing code to Mozilla, JXTA, the Jakarta Feed Parser, and more. His experience includes developing on Wall Street with distributed systems, n-tier design, and J2EE. As Senior Software Engineer at Rojo Networks, Brad focused on next-generation aggregators, the blogosphere, MySQL, AJAX, and Lucene. Recent work includes the P2P Sockets framework, an open-source web service stack ported to run on the JXTA P2P network, and coworking, a group that helps self-employed developers have community and structure.

Brad completed his undergraduate studies in Computer Science and Humanities at Columbia University. He has presented at JavaOne, The University of California at Berkeley, and Columbia.

Brad's passions include yoga, tap dancing, volunteering with the X Prize, trekking through the blue sky and pink dunes of the Sahara, and creating inventions that promote creativity and community.