Civil Engines Released

My old cohorts with BaseSystem and OpenPortal, Christoper Tse, Paolo de Dios, and Ken Rossi of Liquid Orb Media have just shipped their software and announced their company. The company is named Civil Engines, and the software is called Civil Netizen:

Civil Netizen provides a useful, secure way to easily transfer large files and groups of files between people on the Internet, getting past FTP servers, email, etc. It is coded as a Firefox extension, which is interesting, and has a clean UI (Chris has always been great at usability; he's the one that gave me the usability religion many years ago).

The company, Civil Engines, has an interesting web site with what looks like a Consumer Bill of Rights, along with their manifesto of what they are creating:

"Unlike the giants of software and the Internet today, Civil Engines answers to no one but our end-users; our customers. Our products never have and never will be supported by any advertising — banners, text-based advertising, pop-ups, adware, or spyware. Our product features will never be compromised for the sake of satisfying paid advertisers. Furthermore, Civil Engines is independently owned and operated. We will not stray from our philosophies solely on the whims of institutional investors, bankers, and venture capitalists. In other words, we will never sell out our users."

I worked with Chris, Paolo, and Ken years ago in New York City; it's so cool to see them ship this software! Chris is a serial entrepreneur who no matter what, always goes back to bat. Congratulations guys; next time I'm in New York I'll buy all of you beers!

Download the software now for Windows (Mac and Linux releases comming soon).