How Hackers Collaborate

I'm going to a very cool event that my friend Scott McMullan is helping to put on at SDForum; I'd like to meet up with folks and go to this as a group:

"How do hackers collaborate? How have these patterns changed over time, with shifting cultures and new technologies? What can other disciplines learn from hacker culture?

Hacker culture has always been a highly collaborative meritocracy that has extended well beyond organizational and geographic boundaries. This manifests itself in a variety of ways -- from face-to-face gatherings, such as the legendary Homebrew Computer Club meetings 30 years ago, to open source projects today. The collaborative tools and processes that have always been pervasive in hacker culture are now beginning to penetrate other fields as well, from grassroots political activism to the arts.

Please join us for a highly interactive evening of story telling, led by a panelists of hackers spanning multiple generations. We've invited four "panelists" -- two old school and two current -- and have asked them to each invite one colleague. Each panelist will act as a table host in an abridged version of a Conversation Cafe, where we break up into 8 tables of 5-7 people and do two 40 minute sessions of discussion. After two rotations, we'll have a 30 minute panel, where the panelists will share their thoughts and summaries of the conversations in the room.


* Lee Felsenstein of the Homebrew Computer Club
* Jim Warren of the West Coast Computer Faire
* David Weekly and Jeff Lindsay of SuperHappyDevHouse
* Larry Wall (unconfirmed)"

More details here. The event is on Monday, January 23rd at 6:30PM. Email me to meet up before hand and drive together.