Offline Access in AJAX Applications

Update: Julien reports that he's not actually using AMASS in his offline work, but was inspired by it. He rolled his own access to Flash's storage capabilities using ExternalInterface, but he should be aware of the reliability and performance issues with ExternalInterface (I tried to paste 250K of text into the Wiki and the browser locked up for a long period of time as it tried to pass the data over the ExternalInterface boundry when saved).

Holy shit; looks like Julien Couvreur has come up with a solution to the offline problem for AJAX applications. Need to study it some more. Uses AMASS as its storage, along with some clever page caching semantics. I've run into some issues playing around with his demo, but it might pan out.


Julien Couvreur said…
Hi Brad,
I'm not actually using AMASS, but my own Flash 8 object for storage. It mostly uses ExternalInterface (really nice new Flash feature). It also support cross-domain loading of XML, which I'm using for my second Tiwy prototype, an RSS reader.
Julien Couvreur said…
Yeah, I was surprised by the perf problem in ExternalInterface too. It actually hit me in the RSS reader I'm prototyping ;-)

My workaround was to use SetVariable and GetVariable to transfer the large piece of data accross the Flash/Javascript boundary. But I still use ExternalInterface to trigger the code.
Brad Neuberg said…
That's brilliant; I like that.

One issue is that GetVariable and SetVariable are not supported on Safari
Julien Couvreur said…
Hum, I didn't know these didn't in Safari. Bummer :(