Fixed Again: ZIP Files for Really Simple History and AMASS

There is something seriously wrong with the latest versions of WinZip -- it seems to be incompatible with both the command-line Unix ZIP tool and the ZIP tool that comes with Mac OS X. I get reports of people not being able to uncompress the Really Simple History and the AMASS zip files when they use WinZip to uncompress an archive created with these tools.

To fix this, I downloaded WinZip 10 and recreated the ZIP files for both Really Simple History as well as AMASS. I hope this fixes things for folks. Note that AMASS is now deprecated and replaced with Dojo.Storage.


Daniel said…
The .zip still doesn't work for me. The .tar does. Does the .tar contain an older version? The reason I ask is that testDhtmlHIstory.html doesn't work on IE6 and IE7 (the back/next buttons are never enabled). Works great on Firefox.
Julian said…
The bug that we found when using this in IE7 is that it puts all the elements from the body into the head.
Use the IE web developer (
and go to your simple test page ( and view the DOM. You will notice that everything is in the Head except for textarea id=historyStorageField.
Anonymous said…
Julian is absolutely right. I managed to fix this with two changes:

- Move the following lines from the bottom of dhtmlHistory.js into a function called by body onload (you could probably also attach them to the onload event at the foot of dhtmlHistory.js):


Change all lines that refer to document.write to ensure that they append their content to the end of the document body - I use JQuery so I just did $("body).append(newContent).

Change all lines that refer to blank.html to the absolute path, i.e. /js/rsh04/blank.html - not sure why but this only seems to be an issue in IE7.

Worked for me!

Sen Wang said…
Hi We've used the same dhtmlHistory.js file which causes the page web shift to left first at the loading time and reshift back to center. Does any one come across this issue?

Thanks in advance.
Unknown said…
I am also having the same issue as Sam where in IE7 the page content shifts to the top left and then back to the center once its fully loaded. Have you any fix for this bug?