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Monday, October 16, 2006

My Girlfriends Music Just Appeared in the iTunes Store!

My girlfriend's band, Bekka's Frogland Orchestra, just appeared on the iTunes Store a few days ago. I'm really excited about this because Bekka is an independent musician. She doesn't have a music label -- she sets up all of her own shows and promotes her own CD and band.

It's really exciting to see her music on iTunes. I think I was able to be the first person to purchase her music. I bought all nine of her songs for $9. What is interesting is that when she sells a CD, they ask you for $15, but iTunes is a bit cheaper. I actually sell Bekka's music out of the trunk of my car; I have a box full of CD's that I sell to people when I'm out and about. One person at a time, one fan at a time through things like Bekka's MySpace page. So go ahead, support Bekka, check out her music, give it a sample. Find it on iTunes by searching for "Frogland Orchestra". Buy a few tracks (it's on the cost of a pack of gum) and write a review.

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