Shouting At The Cosmos

Shouting At The Cosmos:

"Recently, several groups, ranging from radio astronomers in Argentina and Russia all the way to the web advertising site Craig's List, have declared that they intend to commence broadcasting high-intensity Messages to ETI... or METI... an endeavor also known at "Active SETI". Their intention is to change the observable brightness of Earth civilization by many orders of magnitude, in order to attract attention to our planet from anyone who might be out there."

Interesting article; I disagree with him that broadcasting out to space is a bad thing to do. I think we should do it.


Niall Kennedy said…
Perhaps the "observable brightness of Earth civilization" could be better than the current reality shows and O'Reilly Factor making its way into space. If the first powerful broadcasts involve Hitler and news about World War II and later the Cold War, perhaps that's not how we'd like others to get to know us.
Brad Neuberg said…
Good point Niall. Ever seen Contact, where the first message bounced back to us from remote aliens is Hitlers TV broadcast from the 1932 Olympics in Berlin? Spooky stuff.