IE 7: Does it Break Working With XML and XSLT?

Hi folks; I'm worried that Internet Explorer 7's new way of working with ActiveX will break some important ActiveX objects that people have been using:
  • XSLT processor - for doing XSLT
  • DOM serializer - for turning a DOM into a string
  • XML object - for working with XML documents
I'm worried that these either won't work, because they have to be instantiated as ActiveX controls, or that the user will continiously be prompted for permission. I haven't updated to IE 7 because I'm worried about these things; does anyone know yet?


Sudarshan said…
I tried browsing the hyperscope demo with IE 7 only to get the continous permission prompt
Brad Neuberg said…
Sudarshan, can you tell me what the text of the prompt said? I'm interested in knowing whether IE 7 now breaks all XML or XSLT processing through JavaScript, which would be HUGE. What was the text?