How MS Settlement Was Reached The department promised in its 1995 settlement that it would "end Microsoft's unlawful practices that restrain trade and perpetuate its monopoly power." Yet as Sporkin [the U.S. Judge who reviewed the settlement] rejected it, he complained that, "simply telling a defendant to go forth and sin no more does little or nothing to address the unfair advantage it has already gained." Man, the new settlement against Microsoft is like a slap on the wrist and a steak dinner; it will do nothing to stop Microsoft. It's as bad as what Nixon did to ITT in the 70's: nothing. It was revealed that ITT 'paid him off' to his group to relect the president, and he basicly dismissed them with a slap to the wrist. There are similar rumours floating around the DOJ-Microsoft settlement; that Microsoft called key persons in the DOJ the day before the settlement. I hope someone does some investigative journalism on this.