I went to Pi Pi Island recently (caa Pi Pi in Thai) a few days ago with those cool girls I met from Finland. Pi Pi Island is where they filmed the movie The Beach. Here are some pics of that.

Here I am with Petra on a long-tailed boat going to Pi Pi La, the small island with the lagoon that Leonardio De Caprio fought the shark in The Beach:

This was the view of the ocean from our bungaloes on Pi Pi Don:

We went to the island with no hotel reservations, and almost had to sleep on the beach when there were no hotels open! We finally ended up finding something though, thank god.

Here's another pic of the water; man I love that color:

Here's a pic of the island from the ferry as we approached the island for the first time:


Riikka gazes out into the distance....

The day before we went hiking into the jungle with a cool guy named Somchai; we found a remote jungle pond and jumped in! Everyone else had bathing suits, but I didn't, so I stripped and skinny dipped. You can see my neon whiteness below:

Driving into the jungle; those are rubber trees on either side:

I had this crazy-ass desert earlier that day that Somchai introduced me to; most of it was neon glowing, and I couldn't tell what it was; it was good though:

Here are all of us on Phuket:

Enna: "Like duh!":

I take Thai language lessons in Kamala; this is one of my teachers:

That's Y'all folks!