Application for New Years Kiss

I'm an unconventional person who is into unconventional people, and recently I ran across a great personal ad on Craig's List that I had to respond to. Excerpts from the ad:

"I absolutely do not want to be single on New Year's Eve, and I'm sure you don't either... It's sooo not as much fun kissing a drunken stranger at the stroke of midnight! So let's make a pact- 24 days from now we agree to be each other's date. We have 24 days to get to know each other, so we'll only be semi-strangers. If you'd like, we can lie to our friends and say we met at a rodeo, because that is much more realistic, indeed."

The personal ad goes on to propose:

"I would like someone that is open to finding a girlfiend and that is absolutely *not* looking for a one night stand."

then lists what she is looking for:

"You be: 24-30, caucasion (Jewish a plus!), sweet, romantic, quirky, smart (but not cocky). Oh yeah, and silly. You must be very, very, silly."

I thought the ad was so creative that I decided to do something creative myself in response. I used Macromedia Fireworks to create an IRS-like form, "Application for a New Years Kiss", using the criteria she posted in the personal ad.

Unfortunately, she never responded. Oh well. It was fun throwing it together.


To the anonymous Craig's List poster:

I hereby endorse Brad Neuberg's Form 990 (Application for New Year's Kiss) and am willing to serve as a reference. I can personally attest to Brad's silliness. I might also note that he's extremely modest as the measure of his exact silliness far exceeds what can be represented using the US Government standard 3-Stooges Silliness Rating System.
martha brogren said…
I also wish to endorse Brad Neuberg and all of his endeavors. He is witty, exceedingly silly, intelligent, loving, handsome, charming, spiritual,courageous, compassionate, and wise.