We Need YOU to Make the X Prize Cup a Reality

A generous anonymous donor has pledged matching donations for the X Prize Foundation, but only up to December 31st! This means if you give $1000 dollars your total contribution would be $2000! [Donate Now]

Why give to the X Prize, now that the prize has been won? The X Prize is much more than just a single prize; it is a vision of continual challenges that push the edge on cheap access to space, where each event is extremely challenging but achievable. The next event is the X Prize Cup, a yearly show-down between rocket teams to push the boundry on orbital access, lower the cost to space, bring in money to teams the same way the Nascar and America's Cup yacht racing bring in hundreds of millions of dollars a year, and provide a PR focal point to bring a paradigm shift in the general public's view of access to space. YOUR money will go to making the X Prize Cup a reality. [Donate Now]

I've already given $1000 dollars, which means with the matching donation the total contribution is $2000! So go ahead and donate too; if you want, post a comment to this blog saying how much you gave and your vision for the X Prize Foundation's future.