Open Source UPnP for Easy NAT/Firewall Configuration

Adam Fisk on the JXTA Dev mailing list reports that a new Java open source implementation of UPnP is available, opening up the door to easier programmatic NAT and firewall configuration:

"Hi Everyone-

I just wanted to let you guys know that the Azureus BitTorrent client incorporates UPnP, and it's an open source implementation. LimeWire I believe has modified the Azureus implementation, and will likely release it with an upcoming version. This is all open source code, and given that I most (almost all??) new routers incorporate UPnP, this could be fantastic for JXTA. You could just automatically configure each peer to open ports 9700 and 9701 to really quickly improve the efficiency of the network. I know the LimeWire folks incorporated it in a couple of weeks with I believe 1 developer working on it, apparently without too many snags."