Getting Some Nookie on SpaceShipTwo?

Some more details emerge on SpaceShipTwo and what passengers might be allowed to do:

"Instead of shoulder harnesses and tight seatbelts we want this roller coaster-type bar that you fold out of the way and you can float around," [Burt] Rutan said. "We think that’s important. If you want the view, we have handles there so you can float over and put your nose right against your own window. "Or if you want to pull down your science tray and do whatever you brought along for an experiment, or play with your cat - you have bought the ride, you paid for it.

"This experience is going to have very few restrictions on what you can do because these payloads are doing it for fun and every person has a different idea of what fun is. "Does that mean that some guy and his girl might want to take the whole ship? OK!" [emphasis added]

In exchange for some of the extra altitude and about 30 seconds of weightlessness, passengers also may have the option of landing in a different place from where they took off. "The ship could launch not far from Las Vegas and land in Mojave," Rutan said. "Or, we could launch offshore, start out over the ocean and then… fly over the mountains and land in the desert.