Technorati Developer Meeting

My friend Niall Kennedy is running a Technorati Developers Meeting this Tuesday at 21st Ammendment. It should be interesting:

"Come drink beer and learn more about the Technorati API next Tuesday, December 21, at 7 p.m. at 21st Amendment in San Francisco. I will introduce Technorati API calls, demonstrate some existing applications built using the APIs, and lead you through some sample code using XPath and Java."

I'd love to make it to the Tuesday event but unfortunately I will be out of town for Christmas. :( Hope it goes well Niall.


Niall said…
Thanks for blogging this Brad. I'm not personally involved in crafting Technorati's APIs, I just think people could do better things with the APIs if they only knew they existed and how to use them. Since I did not see much happening from within Technorati I took things into my own hands and put together a developer's night. It's also been a while since anyone in San Francisco combined Java with "Users Group" so hopefully it will be fun.