I've been configuring and setting up some profiling tools here at Rojo, such as the excellent open source JMeter, and I would like to have their GUIs run on developers' desktop machines but do their actual data collection on machines located behind the firewall at Rojo's colocation facility. Many of these tools use RMI, which is not firewall friendly, so I've been exploring how to get RMI to run over an SSH tunnel and SSH port-forwarding when I ran across Pankaj Kumar's excellent series of tutorials on how to do exactly this:


Laurynas said…
Hi, I found your old post googling for "JMeter over SSH tunnel". I'm trying to make it work, but with no luck.

I'm using ssh port forwards to get from the client to the server. Did you actually managed to run JMeter over SSH tunnel?

I can't find any info about that, but I think it would be very useful...
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Hi, I have created this
how-to about tunneling jMeter client-server communication over SSH. Hope it helps!
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