Quantum Astronomy

There is a fascinating article on Space.com on the possibilities of an entire new field of astronomy known as Quantum Astronomy. In a nutshell, it might be possible to find naturally occuring instances of the double-slit experiment occuring in space over vast distances, bringing into question general relativity's conception of time. I also found a great email on the Everything List about quantum astronomy and the article referenced above:

"Quantum astronomy experiment proposed, possibly using the Allen Array Telescope and the narrow-band radio-wave detectors being build by the SETI Institute and the University of California, Berkeley.There are many ways we could go now in examining quantum results. If conscious observation is needed for the creation of an electron (this is one aspect of the Copenhagen Interpretation, the most popular version of quantum physics interpretations), then ideas about the origin of consciousness must be revised. If electrons in the brain create consciousness, but electrons require consciousness to exist, one is apparently caught in circular reasoning at best. But for this essay, we shall not discuss quantum biology. Another path we might go down would be the application of quantum physics to cosmology -- either the Inflationary origin of the universe, or the Hawking evaporation of black holes, as examples. But our essay is not about this vast field either. Today we will discuss the scaling of the simple double-slit laboratory experiment to cosmic distances, what can truly be called, 'quantum astronomy.'"

The article is actually in several parts.