Confused and Wanderin' in San Francisco

So this weekend was a tough one for me; I was in a funk for much of it. I'm finding the hours and pace at work difficult, trying to find balance in an industry that might not allow it. Can I do good work in the world and also take care of myself at the same time?

Anyway, today I did what I usually do when I'm confused and don't know what else to do; I pull a Forest Gump and just start walking. I started by going down a wildly steep alley that is near my home:

Here's the alley again, but with some pretty flowers in front:

Walking down this alley I found some pretty random stuff, lots of street art. First, I found an impromptu piece of art posted on a fence where no one goes that seems to be making a statement either for or against the RIAA!

As I walked down the alley, and later on down near Dolores Park, I kept finding old bike locks, where the bike had been stolen, covered with yarn art:

I saw at least three of these all over the area until I realized what was going on; someone had decided to turn all those ugly bike locks that were all that remained after a bike was stolen into works of art! They went and knitted strange yarn art onto all of them. I love that shit; totally anonymous street art in San Francisco, that most people don't even realize unless they start looking around. While your walking down the street in San Francisco keep your eyes open to just how much of this stuff is actually out there; it'll surprise you.

Next, while sitting at Dolores Park Cafe, sitting and staring out into space with nothing to do I bumped into a childhood friend of mine, Chuck Gonzalez. Chuck is the brother of Matt Gonzalez, who ran for Mayor of San Francisco recently as a Green candidate and got this close to winning. Chuck told me about an art opening that was happening at Matt's house in the area in about an hour, so I decided to continue my synchronistic wandering and head over there too.

Matt's house is amazing, a kaleidoscope of awesome art covering every square inch of the house. It's the Haight's version of the Museum of Modern Art. I called my buddy Michael and gave him the address, but didn't tell him what it was. He showed up with Carolina and they thought it was great (by the way, Carolina, I need my SF MOMA card back):

Pretty crazy pictures on the walls, eh?

So I didn't necessarily gain any profound insights on my little wandering today but I sure stumbled across some interesting art, and that ain't so bad.


Anonymous said…
Hey Brad you need to call me when you don't have anything to do and maybe we can do something sometimes O.K.
Brad Neuberg said…
Hey anonymous; I know who you are. ;) Lets definently hang out.
Anonymous said…
hey good lookin' ... this is an amazing photo of you!
by the way, correct spelling of the word 'definitely'
remember definite << 'fin' for shark's thingie
and 'nite' do not drop the 'e' and add 'ly'

from your spelling nazi momma
Carolina said…
The card has been returned... please update story!
Nice writing though...and cute pics! C.