Fun with Videophones Event in San Francisco

By way of my mediatripping friend David Goldschmidt comes news of a fascinating party this Thursday night in San Francisco. The party is called Fun with Videophones and is from a group known as Multiverse:

A live, interactive reality spectacle using (or mis-using) the marvels of video phone technology...our two contestants hop from bar to bar trying to score...the imagery is sent back to the gallery via videophones and you, the audience, decides what happens next!

Thursday August 5th
Doors 8pm
Show 9pm
San Francisco

Unfortunately I'm busy Thursday night, but if anyone goes tell me how it was and post back here.

If I had RSS events I could include all the details inside this post so your automatic RSS event aggregator could give you the option to add this to your datebook; perhaps next to each post that has RSS event info it would say "Add to Datebook" or something. What if I could also include mapping information inside the post as well (MML - Mapquest Markup Language)?