Future Roadmap for Flash/Python Aggregator Gush Posted

For those who haven't tried it, Gush is an innovative, cross-platform client-side blogging tool, aggregator, Jabber IM client, and more written in Flash and Python. The Gush developers are two brothers, Wes and Dudley Carr; they are the veritable Abbott and Costello of programming. These guys have a plan for Gush, and they recently posted their full roadmap for the future. This includes implementing a large number of Jabber extensions, such as file transfer (1, 2, 3, and 4), multi-user chat, and nested buddy list groups. They are also working on internationalization and a feature they call conversation gems, which they describe as follows:

Gush already has excellent support for managing conversation history. The next step is to automatically pull out phone numbers, email addresses, links, and so forth from archived conversations. This is probably 95% of why people revisit conversations, and it would be good if we can save people from scrolling around looking for these tidbits.

Also on the future todo-list is end-to-end encryption, video chat, and more. Download and try Gush.