If You Don't Use Your Car Limbs They'll Go All Vestigial On You

I haven't driven a car in ten years; I've lived in cities that didn't need them, like New York City and San Francisco. I briefly drove a car for two days a few years ago in my home town of McAllen, Texas, and promptly got into a small fender bender. I also drove a scooter in Thailand for a few months, on the right-side of the road on very scary roads; the last time I did that I was with my brother and he got in a small wreck.

So I've been scared to drive again, but I need to so I can get out of the city on the weekends and explore the country-side. Yesterday I drove a rent car for the first time in several years from up in the Marin Headlands back to San Francisco. Score a small victory. Yay!