JDocs, a Giant JavaDoc Database

From the JavaLobby folks comes JDocs.com, a full repository of JavaDocs for many Java packages; they already have 50 APIs in their system. Also unique is the fact that users can leave notes attached to every method or class, documenting things that are not in the standard JavaDoc. There is also a search engine plugged into the APIs, which is nice. They support a large amount of open source APIs. A short list:

AspectWerkz1.0Dynamic AOP for Java
Axis1.1An implementation of W3C SOAP for Java
Batik1.5.1SVG Toolkit
Castor0.9.5.3An open source data binding framework.
Cayenne1.1Professional Object Relational Mapping
CeWolf0.10A tag library for charts of all kinds
cglib2.0.2Dynamic byte code generator
Commons Collections3.1Apache Jakarta Commons Collections
Commons Digester1.5XML to Java Object Configuration
Commons Lang2.0Apache Jakarta Commons Lang
Commons Logging1.0.4Apache Jakarta Logging API

and a bunch more. The site is fast and the search is zippy. Matt and Rick, this looks great; congratulations. The last thing you need is a way to upload your own JavaDocs into the system to be archived and indexed; I'd love to upload my own open source projects JavaDocs into the system, especially for that search function!