Coworking: Great Turnout

Thanks to Dave's pointer, we had a great turnout to last Tuesdays coworking open house on September 6th.

Coworking provides alternative office space, structure, and community for programmers and writers.

Here is the roll call of who dropped by the space and tried it out this Tuesday:
Why don't you join us this Monday at coworking? We meet every Monday and Tuesday, from 9 AM to 5:45 PM.

More about coworking:

Most people who work for themselves hack out of a
coffee shop or their homes. At first this is great,
but after awhile it gets old. You miss working around
smart people, and start slipping into bad habits, like
hacking all night and sleeping through the day.

I have created coworking as a solution to this
problem, an alternative office space where
self-employed developers and writers come together for
community and structure. The San Francisco Coworking
group meets Mondays and Tuesdays at a great space in
Noe Valley. I rent this space two days a week from a
women's art and healing space named Spiral Muse; as you can imagine, the
office is beautiful, with a garden in the back,
couches everywhere, a full kitchen, and paintings and tasteful
decor. Plus, there's WiFi.

We meet from 9 AM to 5:45 PM, and begin the day with a
short check-in. Then, we work in the amazing Spiral
Muse house, sitting at tables or relaxing on couches
as we do our work. Even though each of us is doing
separate work, perhaps programming or writing a novel,
everyone is working in the same space and can run ideas by others
or take breaks together at the "watercooler." You can
get lunch with others or alone. Later in the day we
have a 45 minute break where we do a different
activity every day, such as guided yoga, a walk to
Delores park, or how to mix a great martini; anyone in
the group can lead an activity. We end the day at
5:45 PM sharp, supporting each other in both starting
a good work day at 9 AM and ending our work in a
healthy, balanced way at the end of the day.

Room is limited to only four more people, so act soon.

Feel free to try out coworking for a free two weeks;
we ask that you make a small ten dollar suggested
donation. Afterwards, the space, activities, and
wireless is only $150 per month.

The address of the space is 3387 and 3389 22nd Street,
between Guerrero and Valencia.

Please RSVP whether you will be joining us this
comming Monday, September 12th, at