Coworking is Coming Together!

So we've got a great group of people comming to the coworking space this Tuesday, interesting writers, programmers, and open source hackers. Thanks to Dave Winer for also posting the announcement on Scripting News and helping to promote a good cause.

We will also be meeting on Monday. On Monday we have an interesting group, including a professional novelist and documentarian and an astrophysicist working on galaxy formation. We meet from 9 AM to 5:45 PM at 3387 and 3389 22nd Street between Guerrero and Valencia in San Francisco.

By the way, coworking is a nonprofit for me; it is not a business. I'm creating coworking because these are the kinds of conditions I would like to work in (scratch an itch and all).

Also thanks to everyone who sent great words of encouragement, from all over the world, including Richard MacManus of Read/Write Web over in New Zealand!