Permanent Client-Side Storage for AJAX Applications, Part I

Just a quick note: I've pretty much finished the permanent client side storage API I've been working on for O'Reilly. It uses a hidden Flash file, wrapped with a nice JavaScript API, to give AJAX applications the ability to store long term information. I'll post a beta on Monday. It's all open source and opens up the possibility of creating some very interesting web-based applications that weren't easily possible before. I'll be using this in my AJAX consulting (including the history and bookmarking framework I created last week) if companies are interested.


Brad Neuberg said…
The storage API I have created can permanently store an arbitrary amount of information, after approval by the user. On Friday I stored 10 megabytes with no problem; it was fast and stable.
Brad Neuberg said…
wpbasti, the code is under a BSD license so there will be no problem for you to use it in your framework.
Brad Neuberg said…
Most forms of the BSD are compatible with the GPL and LGPL. A super old version of the BSD license has something called the advertising clause, a restriction which caused it to be incompatible with the GPL. Most people now use newer versions of the BSD, which don't have this problem.

The BSD essentially says that you don't have a warranty; it's pretty simple.
Brad Neuberg said…
The method I use doesn't have to ask the user for
permission for under 100K; I have tested IE's
proprietary storage method and it can only do 60K.